Madrileña – Wolkswagen LT 2002.

«Madrileña» is the perfect choice for adventurers looking to explore the island in comfort and style. This is a robust Volkswagen LT from 2002, powered by a strong and powerful 2.5 TDI engine that guarantees reliable performance on any terrain.

This is our latest acquisition and offers the same comfort as the rest of our vans, greater space and ease of driving. Without a doubt our best van!


Group surf lessons 2,5h - Price: 40€
+ 8.00
Private surf lessons 2,5h - Price: 70€
+ 14.00
Snorkeling tour with turtles 2 sessions 45 minutes each - Price: 55€
+ 11.00
Sailing trip with whale watching 3 hours - Price: 55€
+ 25.00
Private surf lesson for 2 people 2,5h - Price: 100€
+ 20.00
Try dive 1 dive for 45 minutos to max 6m - Price: 79€
+ 15.00
2 dives for certificates divers - Price: 99€
+ 20.00
Paragliding 800m height 20 minutes on the air - 110€
+ 60.00
Try dive 2 dives for 45 minutes each max 12m - Price: 119€
+ 23.00
Paragliding 900 m altitude 25 minutes on the air - Price: 130€
+ 70.00
Certificate SSI Scuba diver 2 days / 3 dives - Price: 280€
+ 40.00
Certificate SSI open water diver 3 days / 6 dives - 450€
+ 50.00


What really distinguishes the Madrileña is its complete camperization and the perfect balance between functionality and comfort. In its spacious interior you will find a generous bed that will give you the rest you need to recharge your batteries during your travels. The attention to detail in the camperization is reflected in every corner, providing a cozy and practical environment.

Our commitment to highly competitive prices makes the Madrileña an attractive option for those looking for a premium experience without sacrificing their budget (maintaining the difference with new and luxurious vans).

Although we recommend a maximum speed of 100 km/h to optimize fuel consumption, the one from Madrid is prepared to take you wherever you want, offering you an unforgettable travel experience.

In short, the Madrid van not only represents an economical option for travelers, but also embodies the perfect fusion between functionality and luxury in the world of camper vans. Get ready to live the adventure in Tenerife with style and unmatched comforts!


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