User guide Sevillana

User guide for "Sevillana" (Renault trafic)

These vans have soul and character and there are some tricks that we need to share with you. That’s why we’ve created these user guides so that you can fully enjoy the van without encountering any problems due to lack of knowledge.

Driving and vehicle use

  • To start, turn the key until the dashboard lights up. Then wait for 6 seconds until you hear a ‘click’ before turning the key to start the engine.
  • The van does not have power steering. To easily turn the steering wheel, the wheels must be in motion.
  • The van has short gears, and you can start in second gear without revving it too much. To shift gears, go through neutral and move the gear lever slowly (it’s not like a modern car).
  • The maximum speed is 100 km/h.
  • When turning off the vehicle, remember to turn off the lights, turn signals, and radio (if used). Otherwise, the battery will drain. There is a voltmeter on the dashboard that should always read more than 12.3. If the voltmeter is below 11.5, it means something was left on, and the battery is discharged, requiring replacement with a new one (lead-acid batteries deteriorate if fully discharged).
  • The USB ports in the front of the van can only be used when the vehicle is in motion (they are connected to the main battery). If used with the vehicle parked (such as charging phones overnight), the battery will be depleted, and it will need replacement.
  • The total height of the vehicle is 2.5m. Do not attempt to enter underground parking or areas with barriers limiting the vehicle’s height.
  • To turn on the lights, turn the turn signal lever.
  • On the left door we have a small Fire extinguisher. In the glove compartment, we have a first aid kit and a reflective vest.

Use of camperization

Bed and table

  • The van has the option to set up the central table or the double bed. To assemble the bed, you need to remove the metal leg by pulling the table upward. Then, adjust the table to the bed height by resting the wood on the two side slats.
  • The mattress cover, pillows, and duvet are stored in the cabinet above the seats.

Gas kitchen

  • The gas stove is stored inside the cabinet on the left as you enter the van. To open the cabinet, release the latch and pull it open. Place the stove on the table, open the skylight directly above, and be very careful with the curtain covering the entrance of the van.
  • To ignite the stove, insert a gas cartridge and position it correctly with the opening facing upward. Ensure the handle is at the minimum before pushing the lever and connecting the gas cartridge. Once connected, turn the handle to the maximum to activate the igniter.
  • All kitchen utensils are stored in the drawer just below the table. IMPORTANT: When you finish using the gas stove, disconnect the gas cartridge.


  • The refrigerator is already set at 7 degrees, and there is no need to manipulate the control panel. Lowering the temperature further will cause the refrigerator to work harder, potentially draining the battery.

Portable toilet

  • We have had numerous issues with the chemical toilet. That’s why we now use a portable toilet with single-use scented plastic bags. This makes it much more hygienic and eliminates the odors that the chemical toilet emits after several days of use. This way, we also don’t have to worry about the inconvenience of emptying the toilet and finding a suitable place for it.
  • To use it, simply place a well-extended bag in the hole and secure it with the toilet lid. Once finished, close the bag with a knot and dispose of it in the trash


  • Connect the quick connector for the shower on the right side of the van. Then, turn on the pump by pressing the black switch located on the right inside. When the pump is on, you will hear it, and the black switch will have a red light. Remember to turn off the shower pump when you finish using it. Failure to do so may result in it remaining on until it burns out.

  • If you need more privacy, you can hang the curtain between the two doors using the clips. We also provide a mat to place on the floor.

  • If the water in the tank runs out, it can be refilled at almost all the gas stations on the island. To do so, you need to unscrew the red cap of the tank located at the rear of the van

  • IMPORTANT: The external shower can only be used in campsites or recreational areas. It is illegal to use it outside of these locations. Locals on the island may use the shower depending on the time and place. If you are in a less touristy area and take a quick morning shower, it shouldn’t be a problem. However, the final decision is yours, and we do not take responsibility.


  • The van has USB ports for charging phones located under the table on the right side and under the bed on the right side near the double rear doors.
  • It also has an inverter to provide 220V AC power. The inverter is stored inside the right seat next to the table. To access it, remove the seat mattress and lift the cover. The inverter has a power button that will turn green, accompanied by a beep to indicate it is operational. IMPORTANT: The inverter can only be used to plug in small devices such as laptops, phones, speakers, headphones, etc. High wattage devices like hairdryers or straighteners cannot be connected.
  • On the USB ports under the table, you can monitor the auxiliary battery voltage. If that voltage drops below 12V, it means something is wrong, and you should inform me to prevent running out of power in the van.

Camping chairs and table

  • The van comes with a camping table and two chairs. IMPORTANT: Just like showering, taking out the chairs and table in unauthorized areas is prohibited. It is only legal to use them in campsites and recreational areas. If you decide to use them elsewhere, it will be at your own risk.