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Campervans – Chicharrera

Chicharrera - Hyunday H1 2007


Hyundai H1
70 per day
  • For those on a tight budget. Powerful, comfortable, and easy to drive, while still offering all the amenities just like its larger counterparts

“Chicharrera was our third acquisition. Murciana was a failure, but we didn’t give up, and with Chicharrera, we became hopeful again.”

Meet Chicharrera, the Hyundai H1 van designed to conquer the roads of Tenerife with style and practicality. In contrast to the robustness of Sevillana, Chicharrera stands out for its more compact size, allowing you to navigate with agility through the charming corners of the island.

With a modern touch and ease of handling, Chicharrera is an ideal option for those seeking comfort without sacrificing the driving experience. This van incorporates air conditioning, providing an extra level of comfort for your journeys, even on the warmest days.

With families in mind, Chicharrera offers a special feature: a mattress designed to fit on the front seats. This makes it the perfect choice for families with a child, allowing them to transform the space and create a comfortable environment during their travels.

Despite its smaller size, Chicharrera does not skimp on comforts inside, offering all the amenities you would find in its Murcian counterpart. If you’re ready to explore Tenerife with a versatile and modern van, Chicharrera is your perfect choice! Click here to request your unique travel experience.


If you were captivated by the charm of Chicharrera and are interested in renting this unique van to embark on your own adventure, make your request now! Simply follow this link to initiate the process and secure your unforgettable journey aboard Chicharrera. Don’t miss the chance to experience the island with style and comfort!