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Why travel around Tenerife in a campervan

I am not a Canarian, I came here 6 years ago and I will never leave.

I love it, it has everything for nature and outdoor sports lovers.

With your camper van you will be able to reach places and sleep in them that would otherwise be impossible. In Tenerife there are many unique corners to discover and spend a night in them. Sites far from civilization that can only be reached by driving.
The island is large and offers different landscapes and adventures. With your van you can reach them and you will not need to spend money on expensive hotels or apartments. Nor will you have the problem of going from point A to point B using public transport or taxis.

You can also do your favorite sports without leaving your motorhome. Go for a run on trails with incredible views. Take a bath and surf or observe the marine fauna in its crystal clear waters. There is no better way to end a long walk than having the bed just 2 steps away and the kitchen ready to fill your belly.

Undoubtedly the best way to organize your holidays in Tenerife. Visit sites as diverse as Anaga, Teno Alto, Las Cañadas del Teide or El Medano. You can do it without any problem if you have your accommodation and transport all in one!
My name is Ismael, I am the guy behind my little camper. I am not a Canarian, I came here 6 years ago and I will never leave.

I love Tenerife, it has everything for lovers of nature and outdoor sports.

I love traveling by van and being able to connect with the island.

“Let's go to Las Americas and surf for a few days”

"We better go to Chamorga and go down to Roque Bermejo, this hike is incredible"

"This weekend there is a "romeria" in Garachico, let's go party and stay there to sleep"

“The sea is like a plate. Why don't we go to Abades and relax, snorkeling and having a barbecue?

That is why I have decided to create my little camper so that people from all over the world can enjoy the island in the same way that I do. If you choose us, we will welcome you with open arms, eager to help you have an incredible vacation.

Live your holidays in Tenerife in a different way.

The comfort of large campervans in a small size.

Rent one of our camper vans in southern Tenerife and lose yourself in this beautiful island. If you are a person who likes to connect with nature, a lover of outdoor sports and curious to discover new and remote places, a vacation in a camper van is your best option without hesitation.

Our camper vans are the perfect size. Not too small and cramped and not too big that it's scary to sit in the driver's seat.

They have everything necessary to be self-sufficient during our vacations such as a bed, kitchen, fridge, bathroom, shower, 12v and 220v electricity.
montaña roja y furgo
You have the bad/good luck (it depends on how you look at it) that it's not a vacation and you also have to work. Don't worry because our vans are also offices on wheels.

Apart from how great our camper vans are here in Tenerife mylittlecampertenerife offers much more such as Wi-Fi, discounts on activities or equipment rental

Some of us have a tight budget. Others of us need to continue working while enjoying the island. There are also those who do not lose a second and are doing activities every day. It is because of them that we have different packages with different prices so that you pay for exactly what you need.

How do we get a cheap camper van rental in Tenerife

We are not in fashion, because what is in fashion is expensive and sometimes it is not of good quality.

Our vans are vintage, cute, cozy and cheap to buy and maintain.

We have not needed to throw the house out of the window to have a nice camper underway for you. That is why our prices are better than those of our competition.
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