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Terms and conditions

There are two available rates: full day and half day. If check-in is after 12:00, it is considered a half day, and similarly, if check-out is before 12:00, it is also counted as a half day. Billing is based on days, not nights.

To confirm a reservation, a payment of one day in advance is required as a deposit, and the remaining balance must be paid upon arrival. The deposit can be made via PayPal or by bank transfer. The remaining payment for rent and cleaning costs will be made in cash. Additionally, a security deposit of €500 is required, payable by transfer, cash, or PayPal.

Any bank or PayPal fees, of any kind, are the sole responsibility of the customer and not My Little Camper. PayPal charges a 5% commission if the transaction is not sent as payment to a family member or friend. Some banks may impose fees if they are located outside the European Union.

In the event of currency exchange fluctuations during transactions, the amounts may not match the calculated values. If the amount is less than agreed upon, the difference must be paid in cash upon arrival. If, upon returning the security deposit in euros, the amount at the currency exchange rate is lower than desired by the customer, My Little Camper Tenerife will not be held responsible for any compensation.

We offer flexibility for pick-ups and drop-offs, provided they align with our working hours. If scheduling coordination proves challenging, we have set standard times to ensure service efficiency. Check-out is scheduled for 4:00 PM, and check-in is set at 11:00 AM. The specific location for check-in and check-out will be determined between San Isidro and El Médano, subject to confirmation. If an alternative location is requested for van delivery or pickup, availability must be confirmed, and this additional service incurs a cost of 1€ per kilometer.

Our standard hours for conducting check-ins and check-outs are from 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM. If a different time is required, availability must be confirmed, and an additional fee of 30€ will apply.

To reach us from the northern airport, we provide information for using bus service 343 that connects both airports. From the southern airport, you can opt for a taxi or a bus to San Isidro. Alternatively, taking a bus to Santa Cruz (bus 20) and connecting with another to San Isidro (bus 110) is also possible.

From the southern airport, frequent buses to San Isidro are available, or a taxi can be taken for added convenience.

In summary, we offer flexibility in both timings and locations, but coordination and confirmation of availability are necessary for additional services. Additionally, we provide information for public transportation options and taxis to reach our facilities from both airports.

The deposit is an extra money (€500 in cash) that is delivered upon receipt of the van to ensure that it is returned in the same condition as it was received. We understand that you can make a small scratch on, chip the paint a little bit and we will not charge you for them. These are the points that we will check when we pick up the van:

Diesel: when you receive the van it will have a full or half tank, so when you deliver it it should be the same. If you have not been able to leave it at the same level or you have forgotten, unfortunately we will have to charge you according to the amount that we need to add.

Damage to the van (exterior and interior): I fully understand that the van is not a 4 x 4 that I can drive along any road or beach and therefore I take a good look where I drive. The insurance that we have does not cover damage to the van that you rent from us (it covers everything else). If something breaks down or is damaged due to misuse (accident where we did something wrong, driving on a dirt unpaved road, etc.) we will cover the cost of the breakdown with the funds from the deposit, justifying it with an invoice. If something is damaged by use and it is not your fault there will be no additional charge.

If there has been an accident or damage caused by you and a garage is estimating the repair, the deposit will be withheld until the cost of the fix is known. The remaining deposit will be delivered by bank transfer in an IBAN number that you provide us

If the cost of the repair is higher than the deposit, the signatory of the contract agrees to pay the difference of cost by bank transfer.
State of the interior of the van: If the interior of the van is in an unfortunate state upon collection, it is full of sand, the interior is wet and it is necessary to hire a specialized company to clean everything well, the invoice will be charged to the driver.

Chemical bathroom: If the chemical bathroom is overflowing and the waste has spilled out of the bathroom, an extra €60 will be charged apart from the cost of the cleaning company.

If for any of these reasons we cannot return the van on time to the next guest, the cost of this incident will also be charged.
Be at least 25 years old and have a valid license for 2 years. Make the payment of the reservation with a card in which you are the holder. To make sure that everything is in order we will need you to send us a photo of your identity document and your driving license by email.
Our vans are registered as rental vehicles without a driver and you have the corresponding professional insurance. It is because of them that they are 100% legal and you will not have to worry about anything in the case of an accident.

The insurance of the van is to third parties (the damage of the van is not covered)

What do I do if I have a traffic accident or the van broke down?

The number for assistance is 900101369 (Liberty seguros company).

First of all, contact me and I will help you in any way possible.
Cancellation or modification of the reservation
>> To cancel or modify the reservation, you have to let us know as soon as possible and use the same way that you used to make the reservation.
>> If you cancel your reservation 15 days or more in advance, the full deposit will be returned to you.
>> Due to force majeure, (illness, death of a family member, pandemics, strikes...) the reservation can be changed or the full deposit will be returned.
>> Upgrade Policy, we reserve the right to upgrade
or choose a similar van.
>>Once the contract has been signed and payment has been made, if it is decided not to continue with the rental for reasons other than force majeure, 50% of the payment intended for the rental will be returned + €500 deposit as long as the van has not suffered any damage. .

At My Little Camper Tenerife, we deeply appreciate the trust you place in us by choosing us for your camper adventure on the beautiful island of Tenerife. We are a family-owned business, and while our resources may be limited, our commitment to providing unforgettable experiences is boundless.

Our vehicles, although old, are meticulously maintained to ensure they are always in perfect condition and ready to take you on your next journey. However, like any machine, there are occasions when unexpected issues arise, and it becomes necessary to take them to the workshop. These issues might sometimes be beyond our control, such as damage caused by a previous guest, whether due to an accident or any other element of the vanWe want to assure you that we do everything possible to minimize any inconvenience this may cause.

We understand how important it is for you to have a hassle-free experience during your trip. That’s why, when problems arise and our vehicles require repairs, we are dedicated to assisting you in the best way possible. We offer alternative accommodation options in one of the hostel (private room) in the area while your van is in the workshop so you can continue enjoying your time on the island.

We ask for your understanding and patience during these situations. We work diligently to resolve any issues quickly and to make your experience as pleasant as possible. However, if for any reason you cannot accept the possibility of occasional problems, we recommend considering other options in the market. Transparency and honesty are paramount to us, and we want you to have the best experience possible, even if it means suggesting you look for a van with another company.

We appreciate your understanding and trust in My Little Camper Tenerife. We are here to help you create unforgettable memories during your journey, and we will do everything in our power to make your experience unforgettable, despite the challenges that may arise along the way.

My Little Camper is not responsible for any issues arising from breakdowns or accidents with the vans. As we have explained previously, guests renting these vans understand the risks associated with renting a second-hand vehicle.

The van may become unavailable due to an unforeseen event, such as a last-minute breakdown or an accident. This is a problem that we cannot control or predict, and it is a risk that the guest must be willing to take. We have contacts with skilled professionals who are ready to work hard to resolve such unforeseen issues as quickly as possible. However, there is still a minimal possibility that we may have to cancel the van reservation due to the mentioned problems.

My Little Camper cannot be held responsible for this issue or for finding an alternative van for your rental. We do not know the condition or legality of other vehicles, which is why we cannot take responsibility for them in case our vehicles break down. In such a situation, we would refund the deposit and provide you with the best possible advice to help you find a solution and continue with your vacation.


  • To start the vehicle, turn the key until the dashboard lights come on. Then, wait for 6 seconds to hear a “click” before turning the key to start.
  • The van does not have power steering. To easily turn the steering wheel, the wheels need to be in motion.
  • The van has short gears. You can start in second gear, and there’s no need to rev the engine too much.
  • To change gears, go through neutral and move the gear lever slowly (not like a modern car).
  • Maximum speed is 100 km/h.
  • When turning off the vehicle, remember to turn off the lights, turn signals, and radio (if used). Otherwise, the battery will drain. There’s a voltmeter on the dashboard that should always read above 12.3. If it’s below 11.5, something was left on, and the battery is discharged, requiring replacement (lead-acid batteries deteriorate if fully discharged).
  • The USB ports in the front of the van can only be used when the vehicle is running (connected to the main battery). If used with the vehicle off (e.g., charging phones overnight), the battery will deplete, necessitating replacement.
  • The total height of the vehicle is 2.5m. Do not attempt to enter underground parking or areas with height-limiting barriers.


  • Bed: To set up the bed, remove the table leg and adjust the table to bed height. Then, fit the mattress into the table gap. The mattress protector, sheets, and duvet are in the compartment above the seats.
  • Kitchen: The kitchen is stored in the cabinet on the left upon entering through the sliding door. To open the cabinet, press the button and pull. Use the table on the cabinet to place the camping stove. Ensure the gas bottle is correctly installed. Be cautious with the curtains when using the kitchen.Cooking utensils and dishes are in the drawer under the table.
  • Refrigerator: Set the fridge to 6 degrees to prevent the auxiliary battery from draining.
  • Shower: First, connect the shower with the connector outside the van on the right side. Then, press the small black switch inside the van on the right side. If not needed, you can hang the shower curtain between the two doors using the 4 clips. There’s also a small mat to avoid stepping on the floor.
  • 12V and 220V Electricity: The van has USB ports for charging phones under the table on the right side and under the bed near the double rear doors on the right side. To use the power strip under the table, turn on the inverter under the seat on the right side. Only connect low-wattage devices like a laptop or phone charger. Do not connect high-wattage items like a hairdryer or straightener, as they can drain the battery in minutes.


  • To start the vehicle, turn the key until the dashboard lights come on. Then, wait for about 6 seconds before turning the key to start the vehicle.
  • The van has short gears. Never rev it more than 2500rpm. Revving it too much can reduce the engine’s lifespan and potentially damage the turbo or head gasket.
  • It is recommended to drive the van at 100 km/h and not exceed 120 km/h. If you go over 100 km/h, the van will have higher diesel consumption.


  • Bed: To convert the sofa into a bed, position yourself in the middle of the sofa to pull it out evenly. Then, place the backrest in the new gap and adjust the bed to the size of the mattress. To set up the bed, use the mattress protector, sheet, and finally, the duvet.
  • Kitchen: At the rear of the van, there is a small table with 4 holes where you can place the stove. You can also use the camping table for more space. Do not cook inside the van as there is limited space, and the risk of fire is high. Cooking utensils and dishes are in the cabinet on the left side of the van.
  • Refrigerator: Set the refrigerator to 6 degrees to prevent the auxiliary battery from draining.
  • Shower: The shower is at the rear of the van. Connect the connector, then activate the switch right next to the connector. Remember to turn off the shower when you finish using it. Otherwise, the pump will burn out and need replacement. If the water tank runs out, it can be refilled at a gas station. To refill the tank, remove the cap (it doesn’t have a key) and fill the tank up to the maximum mark.
  • 12V Electricity: The van has 2 USB ports. One is in the front on the left side next to the fridge cabinet, and the other is at the rear on the left side. If you need to connect a laptop, let us know, and we will provide you with an adapter.