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Campervans – Sevillana

Sevillana - Renault Trafic 1990


Renault Trafic
75 per day
  • With perfectly balanced dimensions, neither too large nor too small, standing at a height of 1.82 meters allowing for comfortable entry (unless you are exceptionally tall). Inside, you will find all the amenities necessary for a dream vacation

Sevillana was our first van. A dream come true. We named her Sevillana because we had to go all the way to Seville to get her, and it was quite an adventure.

Sevillana is unique. A van with character that dispenses with modern luxuries like power steering or air conditioning, and is not known for its speed. Driving it is a true experience, but it’s precisely this distinctive touch that makes it the perfect vehicle for an unforgettable, charming holiday. With a maximum speed of 100 km/h and an engine that roars like an old tractor, you’ll embark on a calm and picturesque journey, savoring every moment.

Despite its peculiarities, Sevillana is strong and sturdy, capable of taking you to any corner of the island, from Teide to Benijo or Masca, but always at a relaxed and unhurried pace.

The true gem of Sevillana lies behind the driver’s seat. With perfectly balanced dimensions, neither too large nor too small, and a height of 1.82 meters that allows standing entry (unless you’re exceptionally tall). Inside, you’ll find all the comforts needed for a dream vacation.


If you were captivated by the charm of Sevillana and are interested in renting this unique van to embark on your own adventure, make your request now! Simply follow this link to initiate the process and secure your unforgettable journey aboard Sevillana. Don’t miss the chance to experience the island with style and comfort!