User guide Madrileña

User guide "Madrileña"

Why these vans have soul and character, there are some tricks that we need to share with you. That’s why we’ve created these user guides so that you can fully enjoy the van without running into any problems due to lack of knowledge.

Vehicle use and driving

  • To start the vehicle, turn the key until the dashboard lights come on. Then wait about 6 seconds before turning the key to start the vehicle. The van has short gears, so never rev it beyond 2500rpm. Revving it too much can reduce the engine’s lifespan and may lead to turbo or head gasket issues.
  • It is recommended to drive the van at 100 km/h and not exceed 120 km/h. Going beyond 100 km/h will result in higher diesel consumption

Camperization use


  • To convert the sofa into a bed, it’s best to do it with two people pulling simultaneously, one on each side.
  • By removing the mattress, you can access a space to store a suitcase or travel backpack.

Gas kitchen

  • You can use the gas stove on the countertop located on the left side of the van. To ignite the stove, insert a gas cartridge and place it correctly with the opening facing upward. Ensure that the handle is at the minimum setting before pushing the lever and connecting the gas cartridge. Once connected, turn the handle to the maximum until the igniter activates.
  • IMPORTANT: When you finish using the gas stove, disconnect the gas cartridge. Do not cook inside the van as the space is limited, and there is a significant risk of fire


  • This van is equipped with a faucet and sink.
  • Under the sink, there is a container for greywater. Always keep it monitored and remember to return it empty.


  • The refrigerator is already preconfigured to function. In the electrical panel, there is a switch that cuts the power. Ensure that it is always turned on


  • The shower is located at the rear of the van. Simply connect the quick connector and activate the shower by pulling the lever. If the water tank runs out, it can be refilled at any service station on the island. To fill the tank, remove the cap (it does not have a key).
  • We also provide a mat to place on the floor and a curtain to hang between the two rear doors.
  • IMPORTANT: The exterior shower can only be used in campsites or recreational areas. It is illegal to use it outside of these sites. People on the island do tend to use the shower depending on the time and location. If you are in a less touristy area and take a quick shower in the morning, it shouldn’t be a problem. However, the final decision is yours, and we do not take responsibility

Portable toilet

  • We have had numerous issues with the chemical toilet. That’s why we now use a portable toilet with single-use scented plastic bags. This makes it much more hygienic and eliminates the odors that the chemical toilet emits after several days of use. This way, we also don’t have to worry about the inconvenience of emptying the toilet and finding a suitable place for it.
  • To use it, simply place a well-extended bag in the hole and secure it with the toilet lid. Once finished, close the bag with a knot and dispose of it in the trash


  • The van has a second auxiliary battery with a solar panel, and it is also connected to the vehicle’s alternator, making it completely self-sufficient.
  • In the electrical panel, you have USB connections to charge your mobile phone and switches for the refrigerator, shower, and sink.

Camping table and chairs

  • The van is equipped with a camping table and 2 chairs. IMPORTANT: Just like showering, it is prohibited to set up the chairs and table in unauthorized areas.
  • It is only legal to use them in campsites and recreational areas. If you decide to use them elsewhere, it will be at your own risk